Fall Sports Performance Program

Join us for one of our Fall Athletic Performance Programs!! Program Goals Include:


Using proper acceleration to improve game speed.  Learning deceleration techniques to decrease transition time.  Teaching linear and lateral movement patterns to improve athletic movement in sports.  All participants will learn proper running mechanics to reduce wasted energy. 


We will be using age appropriate Olympic variations and lifting techniques to teach explosive movement patterns.  Our athletes will learn proper jumping & landing techniques to improve muscle recruitment and proper joint involvement.


All participants will learn a functional approach to age appropriate weight bearing exercises.  Our coaches will provide advanced instruction to help you perfect your technique and form for upper and lower body strength.


We will incorporate sports preparation for all athletes to ensure a proper level of fitness.  You will learn the difference between conditioning, speed and interval work.


All of our athletes will learn how to use foam rollers, mobility drills, proper dynamic flexibility, muscle activation and stretching for your dysfunctions.INJURY REDUCTION – We will be identifying your muscular imbalances, evaluating length tension relationships of the muscles. Throughout the program we will be assessing prime joint stabilizers to reduce common injuries in your particular sport.


Our program will educate you on how to incorporate basic sports nutritional to help with hydration, performance and recovery.